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About me
Name: Paul DenRuyter
Age: 34
Main Occupation: Digital Imaging  Field Service Engineer

I was born and raised in Northeastern Wisconsin and left for the military immediately after high school.  I spent 6 years on active duty.  I married Erin while in the military and we had two children.  After the military we moved back to Wisconsin to her family farm and I work as a Field Service Engineer repairing imaging equipment such as CT’s, MRI’s, X-Ray, PET/CT, specializing in Nuclear Imaging  and Cardiology for GE Healthcare r

My Life...

About me
Name: Jeff Tabor
Age: 53

My Life...

I am a hunting enthusiast for many game animals, but upland game is my favorite.  I train my own dogs and love to watch them in the field.  These two pictures are from a trip in North Dakota I recently took.  I harvested some nice roosters with Rock (pictured) and Georgia.  I enjoy helping Paul on his endeavor with his kennel.

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9624 Clover Ln - Lena, WI 54139

(920) 946-5726

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