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Whistles an Lanyardshttp://web.me.com/paul.denruyter/Site/Whistles_and_Lanyards.html
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Over the years of training, We have found certain products that make it easier on both you and the dog.  We have tested and still use everything  sold here.  I only sell the items that withstand the harshest abuse that training often provides.  These items are also meant to last in the worst conditions hunting usually provides.

Again..... I use the products sold here and will not carry anything I don’t believe in because.....


Note: I believe that training and pet supplies should not break your pocketbook.  Some of our products will be shipped directly from our suppliers.  By doing business this way, I can keep prices low and your hard earned cash in your pocket where it belongs.  If you ever desire a product not carried on the Web Store, please let me know and I may be able get it for you- and at a much more affordable rate.

9624 Clover Ln - Lena, WI 54139

(920) 946-5726

Bumpers and Dummieshttp://web.me.com/paul.denruyter/Site/Bumpers_and_Dummies.html
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